Mise en valeur des espaces verts
au sein des collectivités
Citoyens et espaces verts en harmonie…
une société florissante

8-9 sept. : Conférence et remises des prix Cef Manitoba

Invitation IPG 2017

Manitoba Communities in Bloom
19th Annual Conference and Awards
Hosted by International Peace Garden
September 8th & 9th 2017

Conference Theme
Sharing Our Stories

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Procedures at the United States and Canadian Border Crossings

  • Prior to arriving at the gate entrance to the International Peace Garden, visitors will drive past the USA Port of Entry or the Canadian Port of Entry. You are no longer in either of these two countries.
  • A government issued photo ID is required; you do NOT need a passport to get into the International Peace Garden.
  • If you are a Canadian Citizen, one copy of Canadian Government Issued Photo Identification and one other form of identification will get you back into Canada. If you are an American citizen, one copy of US Gov’t issued Photo ID and one other form of photo ID will get you back into the USA.
  • Still not sure and want the official word? Canadian – call Canadian Customs at 204-534-6820. And USA Customs call 701-263-4513