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Dauphin is a warm and welcoming community of over 8,400 people in 3200 residences. Surrounded by rich, productive farmland and natural beauty, the community offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor recreation activities in the summer and winter.  Nestled in the heart of the Parkland region, Dauphin is flanked by the breathtaking Riding Mountain escarpment on the south and the handsome Duck Mountains on the north west.  Education centres and growing manufacturing, industrial, and commercial opportunities complement Dauphin’s capacity as a regional centre for health care and retail in the Parkland.  Diverse nature-based attractions, rich culture and history, along with world-class festivals define Dauphin as a prime year-round destination.

Summer is a busy time of year with lots of things to do. You can pack a picnic and go to one of our many parks.  Your family can have a fun day in the sun.  You can go swimming in one of the pools or nearby lakes.  You can check out the many hiking and biking trails in the area.  Dauphin is the gateway to both a National Park and a Provincial Park, so you can spend a few days riding, exploring and experiencing the region’s spectacular scenery and natural attractions.  You can stay cool in our arts or recreation centres, or be cool at one of the many festivals and events held throughout the summer season.

The Dauphin Communities in Bloom Committee continues to work diligently to beautify our community by planting and maintaining flowers and trees, landscaping and doing other environmentally friendly projects. It is amazing what we can do when people work together! This program inspires the community to do its best.  With long-term planning, we have made a difference by protecting and preserving the environment through recycling, composting and reforestation.

The combined efforts of the businesses, the community and the committee have enhanced the quality of life, improved environmental awareness, protected heritage and culture, increased community involvement and enhanced the tidiness and beauty for residents and visitors to enjoy and appreciate.

This year, we committed to doing several projects and completing others, to enhance and improve our community. The flower colours chosen for the city were red and white to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday.  Communities in Bloom is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement with the focus on the promotion of green spaces in community settings.

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work, commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to making Dauphin a better place to live and visit.

Patti Eilers, Chairperson

URL: http://www.dauphin.ca