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Mosonmagyaróvár is located on the alluvial fan of Danube River between two nature reserve areas, which characteristics are determined by two rivers (Leitha and Moson-Danube). It is a town of waterways. Over on above the rivers its outstanding treasure is the thermal water.

The town is a main interchange of international traffic routes and a significant administrative, industrial and cultural centre of the area. The settlement is close to three state borders (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary). It was already an inhabited settlement in the Roman era. The city’s strengths: valuable natural environment, rivers, forests, good fertile soil, large-scale agricultural areas, thermal water and geothermic energy sources, transportation corridors, logistics centre, University of Agriculture, agri-business, manufacturing, services.

The city awaits its visitors with its major tourist attractions are interesting cultural events, historical-architectural monuments, listed buildings, medicinal water spa and wide scale of services (beauty farms hairdressing, dentistry). There is a vibrant tourist trade thanks to visitors from the neighbouring countries doing shopping and/or using health care services or enjoy water tourism’s offerings. There are two free beaches along the Moson-Danube. There are cycle tracks reaching the state borders and connecting our town to the international cycle track network and the surrounding villages.

The Óvár Castle and fortification of the 13th century has a great importance in terms of architecture and as a listed, historical building. Currently, the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of Széchenyi István University operates in it. The FUTURA Interactive Experience Centre of Natural Sciences which shows the natural world playfully is a featured tourist attraction.

The city has a significant amount of green areas, which qualitative renewal has started a few years ago. We have been renovating parks and gardens established 20-30 years ago; replacing street furniture, its unification and the renovation of playgrounds are continuous. Mosonmagyaróvár pays special attention to support the renovation of historical and listed buildings, monuments, and buildings located on such areas where listed buildings are typical.

The local government, the institutions of public education and non-governmental organizations have significant role in developing eco-conscious attitude and environmental action programs. Citizens and businesses are also actively involved in improving our environment.

The government’s attention has been on increasing energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energies (wind, geothermic, solar, energy crops, wood chips) in the public institutions. It also supports the energy efficient refurbishment of housing estates of concrete panel buildings.

Significant improvements have been made in the field of waste management (selective collection, waste reduction) in recent years, through EU projects. New industrial park was developed in order to promote economic development.

Our town has its Environmental Programme since 2003, its Waste Management Plan was published in 2004 and the Local Sustainable Development Strategy was compiled in 2010. It also has its Air Pollution Map and a Strategic Action Plan. Since 2015 we also have an Integrated Town Development Strategy and Tourist Trade Conception. Through the European Territorial Cooperation Programme a permanent air pollution measuring system was installed. We are a member of the European Association of Soil Conservation. Our town is a soil-friendly town.

Mosonmagyaróvár won the national Flowery Hungary contest in 2015 and was awarded by silver medal in 2016 in Entente Florale Europe contest. Our town won the special prize “Europe’s nicest main square” too.

Through its decisions the local government seeks to achieve a liveable and sustainable city.

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