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The Town of Stonewall is a great place to call home. The Town is located along Provincial Trunk Highway 67 with a population of 4,536 (as of the 2011 Census) and growing! Stonewall is just 25 kilometers north of Manitoba’s capital city, Winnipeg. Stonewall offers its residents a friendly, quiet rural alternative to life in the big city. Stonewall was founded in 1878, and was officially incorporated in 1908.

Residents of Stonewall have many recreational activities to participate in.

Stonewall Quarry Park, an 80 acre multi use park located at the north end of Main Street, provides a natural area, swimming and picnic facilities, camping and walking trails for visitors and residents alike. Quarry Park also displays the many aspects of limestone production and the history of the quarry is documented through a museum and interpretive program.

The Veterans Memorial Sports Complex at the south end of Main Street provides facilities for all seasons. Two (2) ice arenas, a 5 sheet curling rink address winter activities while a soccer facility and a skate board park address the summer needs.

Fines Field is a 9 diamond baseball facility located in Stonewall Quarry Park and has hosted national and international Championships.

Many stone buildings along the Main Street provide excellent examples of turn of the century masonry construction paying tribute to Stonewall’s quarry history.

Main Street is lined with many types of businesses that provide a wide array of goods and services. Stonewall’s retail market is strong and diverse enough to support the shopping needs of the Town and surrounding areas.

Stonewall also has an industrial business park. Local industries are supplied with natural gas and electric power in the industrial park.

URL: www.stonewall.ca