2014 - Westmount QC (1)

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Westmount is one of the premiere municipalities in Canada. From the time of the earliest settlers, each resident has put his own unique stamp on the city, helping to shape the modest community, and embracing an ever-present enthusiasm for tradition and heritage.

Counting roughly 20,111 residents, the city is within walking distance of the downtown core of the City of Montreal, yet retains an air of tranquility and small-town community. It lies over 3.9 square kilometers on the western slopes of Mount Royal, and encompasses an urban forest, numerous parks and playgrounds, as well as cultural, religious and educational institutions.

One of the joys of living in Westmount is the proximity each resident has to an attractive and inviting green space. Thirteen parks of every size and shape are nestled in the city. In a Westmount Park somewhere, there’s a spot to suit almost any temperament; one can find a shady nook for a quiet read, or a swing- and slide- and child-filled playground for active youngsters. Its green is not restricted to public green spaces; with 11,000 City trees plus a myriad of carefully tended private lawns and gardens, Westmount is a gem in the greater metropolitan setting.

URL: www.westmount.org